Mani Monday: Pan Am Games

Pan Am Games Nail Art Design

The Pan Am Games are finally here! Toronto is playing host this year and there has been a ton of build up and anticipation around town. I, surprisingly, am not attending any of the sporting events but keeping tabs on Canada’s medal count.

To play my part in all things Pan Am, I naturally created a nail art design with the logo of the games. Are you attending any of the events or going to any of the free concerts?

Pan Am Games Nail Art Design

The Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games have similar but different logos and are both equally represented within the design. The dots on the other two fingers tie in the 3 colours in the logos to create a cohesive design.

Pan Am Games Nail Art Design

To create the logos, start with the heads by creating dots with a large dotting tool or taking a smaller dotting tool (or end of a bobby pin) and dotting around in a circle until the preferred dot size is achieved. Next, taking a small nail art or paint brush, create the T shape below the dot. Make sure to make this thick enough to put the numbers inside. Next, create the ball to the right of T using the same technique as the head. After all these components have dried, take the small brush to create the numbers. For the zero, create a filled in circle with the white then take a small dotting tool and the colour of the T and make a small dot in the middle.

Pan Am Games Nail Art Design

Make sure to let the logo designs and the dots dry for 10-15 minutes until applying a top coat to ensure none of your design bleeds or streaks.

Pan Am Games Nail Art Design

Polishes Used: Sephora by OPI Slushied, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Joe Fresh Mallard + OPI Did It On ‘Em, Revlon Colorstay Marmalade.

Pan Am Games Nail Art Design

This design was certainly a challenge for me – small details freehanded with a brush always are. What do you think of this design?

til next time…

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