Halloween 2015: 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls Halloween Costume Kat Dennings Makeup Tutorial Max Black Makeup Lipstick

I’ve been told that I won Halloween this year. Typically, I wouldn’t agree with that statement but I definitely think I’m in the running at least this year.

After a couple years of being told that I look like Kat Dennings, I decided to play it up and dress up as her character Max Black from 2 Broke Girls. With the help of my wonderful mom and her sewing talents, she converted an oversized waitress dress found at a thrift store into a near identical costume from the show. Add in a red apron and jewelry very close to what she wears in the show and bam Max Black!

2 Broke Girls Halloween Costume Kat Dennings Makeup Tutorial Max Black Makeup Lipstick

To fully transform into Max, I had to make my hair longer than the lob style I have right now. Thankfully awhile back I was sent Irresistible Me hair extensions to review. I received the 200g Royal Remy 18″ extensions in Rosewood which match my hair perfectly (like it’s creepy how close they are). For this costume, I used the large 4-clip weft in the back of my hair then added a 3-clip weft on each side followed by a 1-clip weft near the front of my head on each side. That’s it! I still had 5 2-clip wefts to use but I didn’t really need it. The extensions come straight so I curled them before clipping them in which was very easy to do. My blunt lob hairstyle does make it harder to blend in the extensions but it is easier to do so with curled hair. I have to play around with blending in the future so I feel comfortable wearing them out in public.

I actually decided to not wear them out because I knew I was going to be super warm in the bars I was going to. Plus I haven’t mastered blending them in yet. The wefts are so high quality and thick, which doesn’t make for a fun time in warm spaces.

My overall review of the extensions though could be at rave status. They are amazing quality, tapered at the end so it looks as natural as possible, easy to style, have a great colour selection (that seems to match everyone I know very well), and come in a wide range of lengths with 3 different weights. Make sure to check out Irresistible Me if you are in the market for new extensions – you won’t be disappointed!

2 Broke Girls Halloween Costume Kat Dennings Makeup Tutorial Max Black Makeup Lipstick

2 Broke Girls Halloween Costume Kat Dennings Makeup Tutorial Max Black Makeup Lipstick

Finally for the makeup, Max wears very minimal makeup on the show but has 2 key components to the look – winged liner and a reddish-brown lipstick. Now I did add a little extra glam because it was Halloween but this really is a great everyday look.

For the eyes, I used my MUA Matte Palette and applied a combination of the cream, nude, and peach shades all over the lid. I also applied the cream shade up to my browbone and in the corner of my eye. In the crease, I started with the lightest brown shade and buffed that in the crease and above it. Moving onto the medium brown, I applied this in the crease as well but more localized. Finally, I applied the darkest brown shade very precisely in the crease with the black shade only going right where the outer V and crease meet. I ran a little bit of the dark brown along the lower lashline and blended that out with my finger. I used my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to create the winged eye liner and added Kiss Looks So Natural Shy lashes.

For the face, I combined the Inglot HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation in #73 (which was a tad dark for me) and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. I did all of my highlighting on my face and under my eyes with the MAC Prolongwear Concealer then contoured with the Sephora Collection Bronzer in Los Cabos. For blush, I used the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer in Fiji and then added a shimmery highlight using Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop.

For the lips, I used the Essence Lipliner in Red Blush* to line my lips then Wet n Wild Black Orchid over top. The combination gave a great red-brown shade. I also made sure to overline my top lip as Kat Dennings has a more rounded upper lip than I do.

2 Broke Girls Halloween Costume Kat Dennings Makeup Tutorial Max Black Makeup Lipstick

And that’s it! My Halloween costume plus a bonus review of the Irresistible Me extensions!

What did you dress up as? Please link any posts you did for Halloween in the comments (I need to start brainstorming for next year)

til next time…

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured in this post were sent for consideration

5 thoughts on “Halloween 2015: 2 Broke Girls

  1. Tommy Clark says:

    These are extensions? Wow, if you had not pointed that out, I would have never guessed. Good job girl! You really look like max Black from 2 Broke Girls, or even better, if you ask me. And I definitely adore your eyes. Peach shades are definitely the best option for light skinned girls, and your lips are even more stunning. Literally, everything is so perfect.

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company


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