KKW x Mario Swatches

KKW x Mario Collection Swatches

KKW x Mario Swatches

One of the most buzzed about beauty launches happened a few weeks ago and after waiting for it to arrive (plus paying duties…sigh), I finally have the KKW x Mario Collection in my possession.

Now I am a Kardashian fan (judge me if you want, I don’t really care) but I had never taken the plunge when it came to buying from Kim or Kylie’s brands. A lot of it had to do with the dollar and shipping fees but some of it was a hesitation about the quality. But along came this collaboration between Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty line and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. I knew that if Mario signed off on these products, then they had to be good. I love the Anastasia x Mario palette and was hoping for another eyeshadow palette to fall in love with.

I planned on buying just the eyeshadow palette but when shipping was a flat rate of $14.95 to Canada, I figured I’d just pick everything up which they had bundled on the site for $85 USD.

The eyeshadow palette retails for $45 USD while the lip glosses are $18 USD and the lipstick is $20 USD.

I’ve only swatched the products and used the eyeshadow palette once this morning. Keep an eye out for my thoughts on the products in the coming weeks, probably in the form of a video.

But for now here are the swatches (and a few initial thoughts)!

KKW x Mario Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

The highlight of the collection for sure is the eyeshadow palette. It contains 10 shades (4 mattes, 6 shimmers) and it’s a great mix of neutrals and colours (THAT BLUE!).

Only two shades gave me a bit of problems with swatching and it was the icy metallic silver shade ‘2008’ and the deepest matte shade ‘Loyalty’. I used both this morning and didn’t have as many issues when actually applying the shadows.

KKW x Mario Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

KKW x Mario Lip Gloss Swatches

There are two lip glosses in the line, in the shades Juicy and Super Nude. Juicy is a neutral peach with a hint of pearl finish and Super Nude is a very pale nude shade with a touch of shimmer. Both have good pigmentation and have a light sweet scent.

KKW x Mario Lip Gloss Swatches

KKW x Mario Lip Gloss Swatches

KKW x Mario Lipstick Swatch

The last item is the lipstick in Classic K which is a peach nude shade with a creamy satin finish. Now when I say creamy…I mean it. When I went to swatch this lipstick, the very tip of the lipstick broke off. The pigmentation is great and I find it pairs really well with the Juicy lip gloss.

I don’t love the packaging for this lipstick though. I find it to look cheap and I don’t like seeing the bottom of the lipstick bullet through the clear plastic. For $20, I would just expect more from the packaging.

KKW x Mario Lipstick Swatch

KKW x Mario Lip Gloss Lipstick Swatches

Keep an eye out for lip swatches on my Instagram account as I start posting those again after my vacation in NYC.

Have you tried out the KKW x Mario Collection yet?

til next time…

One thought on “KKW x Mario Collection Swatches

  1. Angela says:

    The palette is sooo beautiful! Although I guess many of the shades are available in other palettes! Paying duties is the worst, I recently had to do it and it was like 25% of the value of the goods 😦

    Raincouver Beauty


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